• Corrosion protection that lasts.

  • Thicker outer layer for long term protection.

  • Quick and easy to install.

  • High quality wrap-around heat activated shrink sleeves.



The CS-60 heat activated shrink wrap provides unmatched corrosion protection for pipelines operating up to 60 °C. The flexible radiation crosslinked polyethylene backing, coupled with a unique built-in hot melt adhesive provides premium structural and operation integrity. CS-60 is a stretchable, hand-wrapped, heat-shrinkable sleeve specifically designed for corrosion protection on all pipes operating under 140 °F Once the pipe is buried, there can be no question that it is protected from corrosion.

Heat shrink sleeve sizes come in a 18 & 24 inch wide, 100 foot roll, at 2mm thick. Also available are 50 foot rolls at 31 & 36 inches wide with 2mm thickness.


Oil & Gas

Offshore Pipelines


Water Pipelines

Pre-Insulated Pipes

Girth-Weld Joints

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About CorroShrink

Corroshrink provides an array of high quality wrap-around heat activated shrink sleeves for many different pipe/pipeline applications. The goal is corrosion protection at the pipe’s weakest point, the joint.